Dance Inspired was set up in 2011 by Amy Opalko to offer street dance classes locally. It has expanded to include contemporary dances as well as specialist dance workshops and holiday camps and our very own street dance crews, Royal Steps and The Hop Steppers.

Whether looking for a class for your children to learn authentic street dance moves to show off on the dance floor, or to just come and learn dance routines to the latest music we have something to suit you. Just contact us to find out more. We teach Hip Hop, Breakin, Lockin, Poppin, House and contemporary and you can learn fresh new routines in all these styles as well as developing your own sense of groove in your own free style.


Street Dance is an umbrella term used to describe a range of dance styles that developed in L.A and New York on the streets and in the clubs such as Hip Hop, Breakin, Lockin, Poppin and House. These styles were all developed socially and were very much inspired by music.

Our classes will teach the different styles of street dance, focusing on a new genre every half term. We will explore the foundations and moves of each style to inspire confidence. We also teach fun routines using the foundation steps to help inspire your own style. Street dance encourages creativity and individuality and once you have begun to develop skills in each style you will become more confident to express yourself with your own individuality and freestyle.


Contemporary dance originated when a stream of ballerinas had had enough of the conformity of ballet. They wanted to move freely and experiment with the things that in ballet were totally frowned upon. As a result, 4 main techniques of contemporary were pioneered- Cunningham (Merce Cunningham), Graham (Martha Graham), Limon and Release. Many techniques have cropped up since for example Alexander, Horton and African Contemporary.

Contemporary encourages students to move freely, take risks and experiment with their own boundaries. They will learn a sense of self, confidence, performance, integrity, perseverance and how their body moves. It isn’t about perfection- that comes later. It is about learning, learning their bodies, their style, their feelings, their choreography in a safe environment, encouraged and influenced by their peers and teachers.